LCHEA Yearbook

LCHEA offers an annual, hardback yearbook to their members. Throughout the year, students can share photos of their homeschool activities, events, sports, etc. Below is a glimpse of the yearbook layout.

Senior Pages

The Senior section of the yearbook features all seniors that choose to participate. You can have your formal photos taken at Tumbleston photography and participate in a group photo shoot. Any senior that wishes to purchase a senior page will also have their own page with 3-5 photos and a composition. (optional) 

Senior Students

This section is devoted to listing all of the senior portraits. It is in color in formal wear. 

Seniors Section

Senior sections include pages devoted to all things senior! It is a celebration of their final year of high school. 

Student Portraits

The portrait section features all underclass students that have their photos taken at Tumbleston on our photo Day.  

Academic Section

The Academic section is where parents submit photos of their children working on projects, taking field trips, participating in competitions, or taking classes.  

Club Section

The club section features LCHEA sponsored clubs.  

Sports Pages

The sport section showcases students that play sports for homeschool teams.  

Field Trips & More

This section spotlights all of the field trips and hands-on learning on the go.  

Theater Section

The theatre section features the productions of several local homeschool learning partnerships.  

Student Life

The Student Life section is reserved for Families and Friends!  

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